The West Bank Garden project at Hughenden

West bank garden sign

The gardeners at Hughenden are restoring the Disraelis' West Bank garden. Follow their progress below.

The West Bank garden was originally part of a larger garden bank, designed as a formal woodland that led on to Ladies Walk across the top of the parkland. The West Bank garden had a unique character as a secluded walk, away from the formality of the parterre. Benjamin Disraeli spoke of the view from the West Bank that looked across the valley to the monument “to a spot where seats have been provided for the enjoyment of a pleasing view of the Wycombe Valley and the little town”.

After Benjamin Disraeli his nephew Coningsby Disraeli extended the manor to accommodate for modern technology including a central heating system. This extension was built on part of the West Bank Garden reducing the size and access. In 1989 the lower path was designated as public footpath and a wooden fence was erected reducing the garden down to one third its original size. Since then the bank has been difficult to access and has reverted to woodland.

The National Trust is currently renovating the West Bank Garden into an informal walk filled with yew and primroses. Primroses were Benjamin Disraeli’s favourite flower and Mary Anne Disraeli planted many yews at Hughenden to reflect the forests of Northern Bohemia. There will also be an assortment of shrubs and trees providing winter colour and adding more diversity to the garden.

Latest updates

14 Jun 17

Seat with a view from west Bank garden towards the Monument

The new bench, a place to pause and take in the view.

Seat with view across West Bank garden towards the monument

22 Apr 17

Planting has started and we are now open to visitors

Planting is well underway with Hypericum ‘tricolor’, Hypericum ‘hidcote’ Philadelphus 'aureus' and Primula 'veris' introduced. Whilst the planting continues we have opened the path to the public and hope you enjoy exploring the West Bank when you visit.

West bank garden planting

10 Mar 17

West Bank Garden path

The path to allow visitors to enter the new garden has been completed. Planting will start in the next few weeks and we hope that visitors will be able to explore and enjoy the West Bank Garden garden in the early summer.

West Bank completed path