125 Treasures in Northern Ireland

With more than one million objects at over 200 historic places, the National Trust cares for one of the world’s most significant collections of heritage objects and fine art. A new book, 125 Treasures from the Collections of the National Trust, shares the stories behind some of these remarkable objects. In Northern Ireland, we're home to three of these treasures.

The book takes readers on a journey through time. Stride into our treasure trove of history with a world-famous racehorse and a flash of floral fashion.

Book cover of 125 Treasures

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This beautifully illustrated book showcases 125 fascinating objects held in the collections of our historic houses. It's a starting point for exploring these collections. By buying the book, you're helping us to raise funds to conserve, research and share these collections for everyone to enjoy.

The three 125 Treasures in Northern Ireland

" I first visited Mount Stewart when I was 13. I had seen Hambletonian by George Stubbs in my textbooks, but it was only when I was face to face with the painting that I fully appreciated its beauty - its depth of colour and the sheer size of it. "

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