Aristo-cats in the East of England

Many of the National Trust’s former residents were cat lovers and today, a number of our places are still home to our feline friends. They know the purrfect sunny spot for a cat nap and enjoy plenty of attention from visitors. Here's where you can find these furry celebrities in the East of England.

Molly the cat asleep

Molly at Shaw's Corner 

Molly has been living in the former home of playwright George Bernard Shaw ever since she was a kitten. Her predecessor was a cat called Socks, who was renowned for upstaging actors during theatre performances and we’re sure Molly will carry on the proud tradition of getting in the way.

Peckover House & Garden
Algie amongst the flowers


Cats have always been a feature of Peckover and the family had a number of them as pets, you'll spot a special corner of the garden dedicated to them. Today you can meet their successors including Algie who loves visitors and has no shame when it comes to asking for cream off your scone.

Penrose the cat drinking out of a bowl


A little more camera shy than his partner in crime. Penrose was named after the family that married into the Peckover line and had strong connections to Peckover House. He enjoys living outdoors, with a warm potting shed complete with special cat flap to enjoy when he wishes.

Wimpole Estate

In a book called ‘a dictionary of cat lovers’ by Christabel Aberconway, an inscription from the author to Mrs Bambridge reveals she had quite the liking for cats. Elsie Bambridge bought Wimpole Estate in 1938 and it was only fairly recently that a volunteer found the inscription quite by accident, whilst cataloging the 10,000 titles in the collection.

Gina the cat at Wimpole


Gina was abandoned at Wimpole as a kitten, now aged fourteen (ish) she enjoys sleeping the day away on her special shelf behind the till counter in the shop. Partial to fishy food, especially fresh tuna, she was originally named after an Italian volunteer called Gino before we realised she was actually a girl.