Winter walks at Ham House and Garden

See Ham House in a new light in winter. A simple stroll along winding paths in the gardens or by heading out into our neighbouring estate, river paths and grand avenues. Take in ancient protected views and avenues of trees as you dwell in the peace and clarity that is to be found only steps away from the bustle of Richmond. Every step you take helps us keep these historic footpaths open for years to come.

winter sun shines through the hornbeam arch restoring colour to the leaves
Walking trail

Richmond Station to Ham House downloadable walk 

The historic riverside walk from Richmond to Ham House takes in ancient protected views, avenues of golden trees and some of the most beautiful urban greens in England. So why not leave your car behind and follow the trail from the station?

Kingston river, a lovely walk to Ham House
Walking trail

Kingston Station to Ham House  

Enjoy a gentle walk from Kingston Station to Ham House and Garden with this 4.5 mile trail along the river, learning some historical facts along the way.

Frosty morning sunrise in the garden at Ham House, near Richmond, London

Winter in the garden at Ham House 

The tranquillity of Ham House’s historic garden makes it the perfect place to escape and recharge your batteries as the winter days draw in.