Best gardens in Northern Ireland

The National Trust takes care of the greatest collection of historic gardens in Europe. The gardens in our care in Northern Ireland are a selection of the most famous and significant. From fabulous formal designs to intriguing informal spaces, walk through Rose Gardens, Walled Gardens and Kitchen Gardens with a day out to these National Trust places near you.

Children looking at a concrete garden sculpture at Mount Stewart

Explore the magical gardens of Mount Stewart 

The gardens of Mount Stewart in County Down are some of the most unusual in our care. Discover dinosaur statues, go animal spotting and meet the legendary white stag.

The restored Windsor Garden at Castle Ward, Strangford, Co Down

Castle Ward in Bloom

Discover the restored Sunken Garden and other bright blooms at Castle Ward. Head Gardener Andy Dainty has based the design of the garden on an 1864 painting by Mary Ward, so 61 parterres were installed and filled with a variety of colourful plants and designed to be viewed from above.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and learn new skills

Florence Court Kitchen Garden Video - The story so far

At peak production, 12 full-time gardeners worked in the Kitchen Garden at Florence Court. Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and the work of a dedicated team of volunteers, the Kitchen Garden has been restored back to its former 1930s glory. Flowers and fruit once again mingle with the regular dinner table vegetables. Discover the kaffir lilies and chrysanthemums swaying in the breeze between the cabbages and squashes, strawberries and raspberries of this historic Irish estate.

Step into Spring

The Plants of Rowallane Garden

Explore the garden and take in all the vibrant colours, fresh scents and the sounds of a wide range of wildlife that call the garden home throughout the year.