Blossom in Bucks, Berks and Oxfordshire

Sculptural trees clad in fluffy spring blossom is an uplifting sight in spring in Bucks, Berks and Oxfordshire.

You can watch the cherry blossom fall like confetti at Greys Court and experience the wonder of the camellias blooming in early spring in Cliveden's water garden followed by the cherries and magnolias. At Hughenden and Basildon Park you can wander woodlands flecked with wild cherry blossom or enjoy a shower of blossom in the orchard at Stowe. Don't forget to share your blossom pics on social media using #BlossomWatch

White spring blossom is on branches revealing a statue at Stowe


As spring develops at Stowe, the blossom blooms in the orchard. You can also find pockets of daffodils covering the hills, Wood and Blue anemones on the rocky banks, Turks head tulips, Crocuses, Snake's head and imperial fritillaries and Aconites to name a few, sitting in the backdrop of Grecian style temples.

Cherry blossom at Cliveden, Spring 2016.


Every corner of the estate will be brimming with life this spring. The camellias bloom in early spring in the water garden, followed by flowering cherries and magnolias. There's a dramatic display in the Long Garden, where you'll find a fresh display of 11,000 Bellis Bellissima in the four central beds. On the parterre, there are 21,000 bedding plants flanked on the banks by daffodils.

Wild cherry blossom

Discover spring blossom  

One of the great treats of springtime is to walk among blossoming trees and shrubs as they put on their fragrant floral display. It is one of nature’s show-stoppers; one of the most exquisite delights of the English spring that also provides a valuable source of food for our native wildlife.

A bee on apple blossom


As the spring progresses, the pretty pink apple blossom starts to appear in Hughenden's orchard and walled garden. Spring bulbs and primroses are dotted around the pleasure gardens and the bedding display is dramatic on the parterre.

Close up of white cherry blossom in the walled gardens at Greys Court

Greys Court 

At Greys Court, scent is a strong feature too as the Wintersweet comes into its own in early spring along with the Sarcococca, followed by the Cherry blossom towards the end of March. There are so many varieties of cherry that the blossom display changes each week as different trees come into flower in sequence. The bed of spring bulbs by the maze is also back, inspired by the geometric design on Lady Brunner’s patchwork quilt.

Apple blossom

Photographing spring blossom 

One of the most uplifting signs that spring is underway is the sudden appearance of bright, pastel-coloured blossom in hedgerows, parks and gardens. The sight is guaranteed to raise your spirits and to make you want to get out and about with your camera.