Volunteers make our places in Warwickshire

Our volunteers are a vital part of the team. Without them we simply couldn't look after the places in our care. There are a huge range of ways to help out, from welcoming visitors to looking after our gardens. Thank you to each and every one.

Visitors on an attic tour at Packwood

Packwood's volunteers tell their own story 

Hear what some of our volunteers say about helping at Packwood, and find out how you could join the team.

Volunteers in front of Baddesley at the Antiques Roadshow

Read what Baddesley Clinton's volunteers have to say 

There are many ways you can help us as a volunteer. You could work in the house, in the garden, the shop or the restaurant. Find out how you can become a volunteer.

Volunteer talking to visitors

Volunteering opportunities at Upton 

It’s great to get involved in what we do - it’s fun, interesting and social. Everyone involved helps support our cause. So why not join the team as a volunteer? If you're interested, visit the volunteering pages and register your interest.

Volunteer in costume outside laundry with visitor at Charlecote

Volunteer with us at Charlecote 

There's a role for everyone, indoors and outside, and every volunteer helps make our visitors' experience special.

Visit Birmingham

Birmingham and its surrounds are a place of contrast, from the urban reality of the Back to Backs and the Roundhouse to the open countryside at Clent..

Volunteer at Birmingham Back to Backs

Interested in volunteering at Birmingham Back to Backs? Send us an email to find out what opportunities are available and how you can get involved.