New income streams to help farmers deliver for nature

We're working with Green Alliance and partners to test a new concept for unlocking private investment for farmers to help support environmentally friendly farming. Here you can read our reports and find out more.

The River Bovey, Parke, Devon

New markets for land and nature 

New markets for land and nature: how Natural Infrastructure Schemes could pay for a better environment (September 2016)

Bridge over the River Derwent

Natural Infrastructure Schemes in practice 

Natural Infrastructure Schemes in practice: how to create new markets for ecosystem services from land (September 2017)

Cornfield in the East Anglian landscape

Protecting our assets 

Protecting our assets: using Natural Infrastructure Schemes to support sustainable agriculture (December 2017)

Bradenham farmland

Funding nature's recovery 

Funding nature's recovery: how new public spending can unlock private investment (November 2018)

Wardens at work on the High Peak Estate

How new income streams could help to decarbonise land use 

New routes to decarbonise land use with Natural Infrastructure Schemes (February 2019)