Ranger Tales

In a new series of stories, we hear from our team of nature loving, hard-working rangers and take a closer look at some of the unique wildlife they look after at our places.

Academy ranger Rowan Patterson

Ranger Tales: Rowan Patterson, Academy Ranger  

Ever wondered what it takes to be a ranger for the National Trust in Northern Ireland? Here Rowan Patterson shares experience of being an academy ranger in Belfast...

Hugh Thurgate, head ranger at Strangford Lough and an expert at counting Brent geese

Ranger Tales: Hugh Thurgate's Brent geese journey 

Hugh tells us about his work on Strangford Lough and it why attracts over 75% of the world’s population of Brent geese each year.

National Trust ranger Toby Edwards discusses our red squirrel conservation project

Ranger Tales: Toby Edward's red squirrel crusade 

In the first of a new series 'Ranger Tales' we introduce you to Toby Edwards, a ranger at Mount Stewart who has a special interest in saving the red squirrel...