Top spots for bluebells in Buckinghamshire

A sea of bluebells in a dappled woodland is one of the most heart-lifting sights of spring in late April and early May. It's a sure sign that warmer weather is on its way. Keeping to paths helps to preserve these beautiful but fragile flowers for future generations to enjoy.

Bluebells at Cliveden

A sea of bluebells

Seeing the bluebells appear in Cliveden's woodland is one of the highlights of spring. Gradually, the luxurious green carpet becomes dotted with tight indigo buds which bloom into a sea of blue flowers in the dappled sunlight between the trees. It's well worth a look.

A clump of primroses

Bluebells at Hughenden 

The beech woods of the Chilterns are perfect growing sites for bluebells. A walk around Hughenden estate in late April - early May is filled with the scent and sight of these delicate blue flowers. Manor Wood is particularly good for bluebells this year.

Carpet of bluebells in Dockey Wood at Ashridge, Herts

Protecting the bluebells at Ashridge 

Ashridge is one of the most popular places in the country for seeing bluebells, with thousands of people coming from far and wide to enjoy the spectacular carpets of flowers each spring. At our most popular bluebell spot, we put measures in place at the busiest times to modulate the flow of visitors to protect this beautiful, but fragile flower.

Path through bluebells at Bradenham

Discover bluebells in the Chilterns Countryside

There’s nothing more enchanting than stumbling across a vibrant carpet of woodland bluebells. There are many places at Hughenden and in the Chiltern Hills where bluebells flourish and they are at their best between mid-April and late May.