Top spots for daffodils in Northern Ireland

With their bright yellow, sunny faces, spotting bursts of daffodils is a sure sign that spring has sprung. Bask in the glow of a daffodil dander by enjoying a classic spring walk at our places near you.

Daffodils at Castle Ward

Castle Ward 

Beautiful aroma’s fill the estate as flowers begin to blossom after the winter hibernation. Wild garlic can be seen sprouting just off pathways and daffodils and blue bells come and go.

Mount Stewart Easter Daffodils

Mount Stewart

This world-famous garden regenerates for spring with daffodils bringing the colour of sunshine into the lawns, beds and verges.


Rowallane Garden 

Filled with plants from around the world, Rowallane bursts into colour in late spring with the arrival of the daffodils. Find them clustered under trees and lining the perennial borders as you walk the garden paths.

Spring has sprung at Springhill


Springhill has a fantastic display of daffodils each spring, and with 600 new bulbs being planted every autumn the collection is always increasing. Come and see the wonderful display of these bright and beautiful spring flowers and see how many different varieties you can spot.