Wembury guided nature events this year

Whether peering into rockpools or searching for bugs, there are few places better suited to getting outdoors in nature than Wembury.

A ranger guides a father and daughter rockpooling at Wembury, South Devon

Wembury Summer Fun Day 

Feel the warm sun on your face as you scramble across the rockpools looking for creatures beneath the surface. This fun day will also have campfire cooking, kite-making, wild art and more.

Creating art on the beach at Wembury

Summer Fun - Nature Detectives 

Collect nature's treasures along the beach in our scavenger hunt, like unusual shells and driftwood. Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to find a crab or starfish lurking in the rockpools, too.

Wild flowers with the Mewstone in the background

Wembury Meadow Fun Day 

Build a home for bugs or look for what lives in the stream on this activity filled day, where you can also build a den, cook on a campfire and tick off some '50 things' activities.