Little Moreton Hall

The south range at Little Moreton Hall with blue sky

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The Tudor bed at Little Moreton Hall

How We used to Sleep 

We are on the trail of a good night’s sleep - Tudor style.

A boy splashing in puddles

What to do when it's wet? 

If it's raining outside then come and explore the hall from the inside. Dress up as a Tudor, have a go at a craft activity, design a stained glass window or follow a family trail. You could also get your waterproofs on and stand under a Tudor drainpipe for some wet fun too.

Image of an historic bed

The history of sleep Tudor style 

Find out more about the project research that is going on behind the scenes. The Histories of Sleep website includes lots of interesting information about the key aspects of this fascinating project.

Little Moreton Hall

What's on 

Little Moreton Hall

Eating and shopping

Little Moreton Hall


Tudor pannelling at Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire

The wealthy Tudors 

From the Tudor festivals celebrated here to the collections accrued over the centuries, now's the time to discover the history of our lovely hall.

Little Moreton Hall


A group of visitors enjoy a guided tour at Little Moreton Hall

Exclusive guided tours 

Bring your group and enjoy a guided tour, a visit to one of our tea-rooms and shop all within a really wonderful example of a timber-framed Tudor manor house.

Little Moreton Hall

Get involved

Liz pruning

Our volunteers 

Find out about volunteering from the people who know - our volunteers

Little Moreton Hall


Costumed interpreters bring the hall to life

Tudor times 

Our knowledgeable and welcoming team offers a range of learning experiences and activities for your educational group.

Little Moreton Hall

Venue hire

The Knot Garden at Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire

A slice of history 

Looking to hire a historical venue in Cheshire? Little Moreton Hall could be the perfect place for your photography or film project. Step inside to find out more...

Little Moreton Hall

Art and collections

Our collections

Explore the objects and works of art we care for at Little Moreton Hall on the National Trust Collections website