Autumn Lights by Liz West

Ancient hand blown glass in the windows of 16th century Little Moreton Hall is the inspiration behind the Hall’s first contemporary art exhibition, which opens this autumn.

Autumn Lights, by Manchester-based artist Liz West, has been commissioned by the National Trust as part of its Trust New Art programme, and is the start of an ongoing programme of work by contemporary artists  taking place at Little Moreton Hall under the title The Senses. 
In the Hall’s first year, Liz West has chosen to explore sight and vision, drawing inspiration from over thirty thousand lead window panes at Little Moreton Hall – and in particular, the glass they contain. 
Liz  uses a mixture of both subtle tints and vivid hues in her work and will be asking visitors  to question their surroundings, look in more detail and see the spaces through new colours and light while they are looking at the installations.  Within the work Liz is creating a a juxtaposition between the rich and noisy visual language used in Tutor architecture -  dark wood, multi-paneled walls, wattle and daub, exposed wooden floor boards and leaded windows and the linear, minimal installations she creates.
" "It has been a treat to spend so much time at Little Moreton Hall over the last few months, observing the changing seasons and how different light conditions effect the atmosphere within the building. By going unplugged here, I am trying to emphasise that while artificial light can be manipulated it can only, at best, replicate the dynamism, shifting mood and changes in quality embodied in natural light.""
- Liz West