Bear Beer at Little Moreton Hall

Local beer made in Congleton and on sale in the National Trust shop

In Congleton, few things are more traditional than the production of fine ales and, keen to support local businesses, Little Moreton Hall shop stocks Beartown Brewery products.

The shop at Little Moreton is proud to support local businesses and sell traditional products, and it's particularly delighted to stock beers from the Beartown Brewery.

A cask of ale features on the borough coat of arms along with a Cheshire wheat sheaf and, of course, the Congleton bear. Beartown Brewery takes its name from ‘Beartown’, the nickname acquired by the town after an infamous incident in its history.

If you go down in the woods today...

In 1632 Congleton found itself with insufficient funds to purchase a new bear for bear-baiting events. To appease the population it was decided that the money set aside to buy a new bible should be used instead for this purpose.

Congleton’s Beartown Brewery produces award-winning beers with bear-themed names to continue the town’s heritage. Using only traditional brewing methods, the Brewery creates beers with a hoppy aroma and a bitter, clean aftertaste, long favoured by the people of South Cheshire and the North West.

A fine range

The range features Kodiak Gold, a straw-coloured ale; Polar Eclipse, a black stout; dark and light ruby ales; tawny ales with malt and fruit; and even a Ginger Bear.

Unscheduled tasting events are held in the courtyard at Little Moreton Hall throughout the year.