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Tudor Kitchen

Throughout the year discover Tudor attitudes to health and food, with a different activity to try each month: from making butter in a churn to creating a Tudor pinch pot to keep your remedies in. Explore the way in which the Tudors looked after their health and wellbeing, and get your body Tudor ready.

Visit the Hall to find out about Tudor food and drink, and maybe even have a little taster yourself.  Staple foods like bread and butter will be made and we’re even having a go at making cheese.  Discover more about the foods and drinks available to the Tudors, how they were prepared and even take away some recipes to try at home. 

It's not all about eating though – exercise and daily routine were essential practices for a Tudor, just as they are for us today.  Contemplation and rest were also vital and the Tudors practised what we would call 'mindfulness'.  During the year we will help you practise your archery, play some games and look at different ways that the Tudors reflected on their lives.

For the last two years at Little Moreton Hall we have been looking at the four humours and how the belief in these impacted on Tudor daily life, from healthcare, hygiene and sleep, to food and drink.  You can do a quiz to help you find your humour and then discover which foods you should be eating to balance your body – and which ones you should definitely avoid! 

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Test your temperament

Find out how to balance your humour