Trust New Art - 'Gathering' by Hilary Jack

Visit before 3 November 2019 to see over a thousand used tennis balls become the subject of a short film and installation by Hilary Jack in the Long Gallery at Little Moreton Hall.

Hilary Jack's Gathering takes its inspiration from the discovery of a handful of Tudor tennis balls found during restoration work in our Long Gallery.

The Long Gallery was built in the late 16th century as a demonstration of wealth by the ambitious Moreton family.  Long galleries were popular in this era as spaces for sociability and exercise as well as reflecting the status of the family.  Since the 1970s, five Tudor tennis balls have been discovered behind the Tudor panelling in the gallery as conservation work and maintenance has been taken place in the room and revealed clues about how it was used. It was these unique finds from a time gone by that have inspired Gathering

For the installation, Hilary has collected over a thousand used tennis balls, gathered from Wimbledon and other tennis clubs all over the country. Working with film, Hilary has highlighted the topography of the Long Gallery while revealing the historic use of the space. To accompany the audio-visual installation, the Tudor tennis balls will also be on display for the first time in years.

About the artist

Hilary Jack works across media in research-based projects, often working with found objects in sculptural installations and public interventions. Hilary has worked with many heritage galleries, and historic sites on large scale commissions and exhibitions. Her research-based practice has an activist element, focussing on the politics of place while drawing out social and historic elements of a specific site.  Hilary has exhibited across the UK and Internationally. Her work is in a number of private and public collections including recent acquisitions for Manchester Art Gallery and The Government Art Collection. Hilary is currently exhibiting No Borders, at Yorkshire Sculpture Park as part of Open Air 2019.

Hilary is based at Paradise Works in Manchester.

Gathering closes on 3 November 2019.