Yuletide celebrations 2016

Join us for a festive feast with food displays of pies and tarts, colourful fruits and ‘marchpane’, dazzling creations made from sugar paste which the Tudors loved.

A warm welcome awaits you as we share a glass from the traditional Wassail bowl then enter the hall where candles flicker, a jester entertains and Tudor ladies and gentleman wander through the Great Hall.

This year there is also a chance to taste Tudor nibbles such as marchpane bacon and apricot leather as part of Festive Fridays during December.  The Friday events have been added to the annual Yuletide weekends at the hall and we will be sampling Tudor delicacies such as ‘green cheese’, ‘apricot leather’, cinnamon sticks and a sweet chicken paste made from chicken, sugar and rosemary.

Come along and see how a Tudor feast was laid out and how everyone knew their place at the 'High End' or 'Low End' of the huge oak ‘board’ table in the Great Hall.  See the array of  colourful dishes displayed on the ‘great round table’ in the parlour, the desserts of a Tudor meal,  Then follow through the house to find out how servants and the poor of the parish joined in with the celebrations, there will be some surprises! 

Saturdays and Sundays bring the hall to life with live Tudor and medieval music or choirs, depending on the weekend plus storytelling and a jester involving visitors in some spectacular juggling and clowning every weekend.

You can make yuletide poesies to take away and see the hall will decorated as it would have been in Tudor times.  It does get chilly so wrap up warm for the Yuletide events and join us for some fun and why not do some Christmas shopping in the Hall’s well stocked shop while you are here.

Don’t forget to visit our Tea Rooms which will be serving their own festive feasts with hot turkey baps, spiced apple drinks,  mince pies and other 20th century Christmas treats.

Check what’s on for dates and timings.