Help to protect the heart of the Hall


Little Moreton Hall is an incredible example of timber framed architecture in England, and is both a grade I listed building as well as a scheduled ancient monument. The property was acquired by the National Trust in 1938, and since then the Trust has carried out extensive work over several decades to permanently stabilize the building’s structure. However, one of the greatest risks to the building continues to be fire. The property has not been fully rewired since the electrics were first installed in 1952. In order to bring the property up to modern electrical safety standards the entire Hall is now being rewired.

The five hundred year old Hall is a timber structure, with no fire compartmentalisation to stop fire spreading and interior wood panelling in all rooms which could act as a fuel source. Over the past few years, an increasing number of high profile and devastating fires in historic properties including Clandon and Peckforton Castle have demonstrated just how catastrophic a fire can be.  We’ve been working closely with the fire service for a number of years, and under their advice and guidance we know that a full property rewire is the best thing we can do to protect this building for the long term.

Every single room is being affected, so we are opening a little later for visitors this year. The wires at Little Moreton Hall have been carefully threaded through every part of the body of the house, through gaps in the panelling, in ceiling voids and under floors throughout the whole building, to minimise the damage to its historic fabric. These are now being removed and replaced with minimal disturbance by specialist contractors who are used to working in historic environments.

The project in numbers:

  • Over 9,000 metres of cabling required.
  • A state of the art new fire alarm and security system will be installed.
  • There will be 18 different styles of light fitting, 4 different sockets and 4 different styles of light switches installed.
  • There are 65 rooms in the building, most of which contain at least one light or socket.
  • The total cost of the work is in excess of £200,000.

We would be grateful for donations of any size to protect the heart of Little Moreton Hall for another 500 years.