Lytes Cary Manor

Intimate manor house with Arts and Crafts-style garden

Lytes Cary Manor

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Lytes Cary Manor

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Have a go at croquet

Sun 04 Jun 2017
Enjoy the noble but ruthless family game of croquet.

Craft fair weekend

Sat 10 Jun 2017
Visit our craft fair

West Wing Open Days

Wed 21 Jun 2017
Experience the grandeur of Lytes Cary Manor's 'West Wing' holiday let.

Bumblebee safari

Sat 24 Jun 2017
Join one of our volunteers on a bumblebee safari around the estate.

Craft Showcase weekend

Sat 23 Sep 2017
Somerset Art Weeks presents 'A Landscape of Objects'
Lytes Cary Manor

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Lytes Cary Manor


The Main Border at Lytes Cary Manor

Visiting as a group in 2017 

Whether you would like to spend a whole day here or simply need somewhere to stretch the legs during a tour around the South West, Lytes Cary Manor is a real hidden gem.

Lytes Cary Manor

Places to stay

The manor house and gardens at Lytes Cary.

Lytes Cary Manor holiday cottage 

Lytes Cary is a medieval manor house surrounded by an intimate Arts and Crafts garden. The holiday cottage is set in the west wing, with its own private garden.

Lytes Cary Manor

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