Catch a breath of fresh air

Spring sunshine

There's plenty to see on the Lytes Cary Manor estate. Can you find your way to the edge of the estate, where the Roman Fosse Way would once have been the main route between Lincoln and Exeter?

The White Walk

The White Walk takes you into woodland that is a valuable environment for birds (the field name, Ravens Nest, suggests there were once trees of a height that would attract ravens). You might see chiffchaff, bullfinch and nuthatch feeding on fruit from the old orchard, and you'll certainly be awed by the clouds of blossom that gave this walk its name.

The Estate Walk

Branching off is the Estate Walk, waymarked in red, which takes you along an ancient route, Ridgway Lane. You can head back past the Dovecote (built in the 1930s but inspired by the 18th century dovecote at Avebury Manor), or extend your walk round open fields before skirting back past the community allotments. There will be plenty of birdlife to see, not to mention the possibility of a roe deer.

The River Walk

The River Walk, marked in yellow, loops round open fields. Look out for the field margins, which are cut late in the year to provide habitat for overwintering bees and insects. Continue along the river bank, deliberately left undisturbed and undredged to provide reeds and rushes for water voles.