Summertime at Lytes Cary Manor

A family in the orchard at Lytes Cary Manor

The garden at Lytes Cary Manor is looking fabulous at this time of year, with bright borders and clipped lawns. You can soak up the colours, get lost amongst the hedgerows or play a game of hide-and-seek. There are lots of other places to discover on the estate as well.

Off on an adventure

If you venture off the beaten track and into the woodland, you might discover the Lytes Cary Explorers’ Trail.  For any adventurers working through the National Trust’s '50 things' list, you’ll be able to tick off quite a few.

As well as the Explorers’ Trail, there are two other wayward marked walks on the estate that little legs could manage, as they are all between a mile and a mile and a half.

The perfect picnic

There are some ideal spots for a post-adventure picnic. Inside the garden you can spread your blanket on the croquet lawn (there’s space even if a game is being played), while the wider estate has plenty of hidden corners to while away an afternoon watching the bees and butterflies at work.

Please leave furniture (such as tables and chairs) at home so that all visitors can enjoy the open spaces. 

Two children running through a patch of daffodils

Family activities for outdoor adventures 

We've got lots of fun activities to try on your next family adventure. Discover wildlife at the places in our care using our handy spotter guides or have a go at activities inspired by the colours and sounds of nature.