Malham Tarn Estate

Hardy cows at Malham Tarn Estate in the snow

A popular Dales beauty spot set amid rolling hills and rugged moorland

A view you will see on this route.

Ranger Run  

Challenge yourself to an 8 mile fell run up the Pennine Way to the top of Fountains Fell, and be rewarded with stunning views of the Three Peaks and Ribblesdale.

Malham Tarn Estate

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Malham Tarn Estate


Visitors looking to see what they have caught in their nets

Discover a different way to learn 

From guided walks exploring the limestone landscapes to navigating using a GPS device or undertaking habitat studies on the National Nature Reserve our special place is perfect for outdoors learning.

Malham Tarn Estate

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Malham Tarn Estate

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Hardy cattle in the Yorkshire Dales

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The Dales you see today have been shaped by human intervention over hundreds of years. Many native species have been lost and others are threatened. Help us conserve and protect our special place.

Volunteers tree planting

Yorkshire Dales Appeal Update 

The Yorkshire Dales Appeal was launched to create a more natural and resilient countryside fit to cope with climate change. Find out about the progress we have made so far.

Visitors walking at Malham Tarn

Become a member and help the Malham Tarn Estate 

Find out how you can become a member and help the Yorkshire Dales countryside.

Malham Tarn Estate


A water vole perches on a wooden post

Water vole revival at Malham Tarn 

Water voles are flourishing at Malham Tarn, Yorkshire Dales, following a reintroduction last year. Rangers are now releasing 100 more of the rare mammals

Ranger Roisin Black

Six questions with ranger Roisin Black 

Roisin is one of the rangers helping to reintroduce water voles. Here she tells us about her work, what she loves about being a ranger and what to spot in the wildlife-rich Malham Tarn.