Become a member and help protect the Yorkshire Dales

Visitors walking at Malham Tarn

By joining the National Trust with the Yorkshire Dales team, your membership subscription will go directly towards conserving the Yorkshire Dales countryside that we help to look after.

Becoming a member is not only about visiting houses, it's also about helping to protect our precious countryside. The countryside is free for you to visit and it's open every day of the year. This means it doesn't bring us much money in, so your membership money is vital to our work in the Dales.

So what do we spend your membership money on?
- planting trees in woodlands costs £5 each
- drystone walling costs £35 per metre
- wooden tree guards to protect young trees cost £75 each
- recycled plastic boardwalk costs £75 per metre
- replanting hedges costs £10 per metre
- kissing gate costs £150
- path work costs between £25-£50 per metre depending on the surface required

Summer view in Upper Wharfedale
Walker enjoying the summer view in Upper Wharfedale
Summer view in Upper Wharfedale

Where can I join?

With the current situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak and in line with government guidance it is with regret we are unable to sell memberships from the estate office.

You can join online.

Your 2019 membership pack

Other ways to help
If you don't want to become a member today, that's fine there are other ways you can help.

Why not pop a few coins in one of our donation boxes - these donations go directly to the Dales team and help them to manage maintenance works on the ground.

Or have a think about leaving something to us in your will - legacies play a huge part in funding our project work.

Thank you for your support - we couldn't do it without you.