Running at Malham Tarn

Visitor running in the Yorkshire Dales

This limestone landscape offers a great variety of opportunities for runners of all abilities.

What do we offer?

From well marked trails around Malham Tarn to more rugged uphill climbs along limestone pavement and windswept moors there is a different challenge on every route. As the seasons change whichever route you choose there is always something new to see and you will leave already planning your next running route on Malham Moor.

Where can you go?

If you can walk a route you can most likely run it too, so the path around Malham Tarn is suitable for all abilities. It's mostly surfaced, well marked and with few hills, making it a great 7km circular route for people beginning to venture off-road.
For those wanting a bit more of a challenge there are plenty of options to go up and over the fells surrounding Malham Tarn. The Darnbrook, Middlehouse and Malham Tarn trail will take you through the historic farming landscape of this area, across open moorland and around rugged limestone pavement.
During a spring or summer run in this area you may be lucky enough to see the hay meadows in full bloom and even catch a glimpse of early purple orchids, wild thyme or harebells in the meadows. You may also hear the distinctive calls of curlew and lapwings during your run. During autumn, if you're quiet you may see the roe deer in the woods around Malham Tarn or heron in the streams that cross this landscape.
Why not try running one of our walking routes - we've got a good selection to choose from for all abilities.

Downloadable routes

We are currently creating some trails for you to download and try - here's the first one to get you going.
Runner jumping off a rock at Malham Tarn

Darnbrook, Middlehouse and Malham Tarn trail run

This trail run takes you across grassland and moorland, with a couple of good climbs, and offers plenty of opportunities to take in some great views.

Don’t forget to be prepared

At any time of year the weather can be very changeable on Malham Moor so it’s always wise to be prepared. Good footwear is essential - most running shoes will be suitable for the shorter well-surfaced routes around Malham Tarn, but trail running shoes with good grips may be more suitable for the routes over the hills in the area. Warm and waterproof layers may be needed and a drink is advisable. A map and compass is a good idea but you need to know how to use them and do let someone know where you are going especially if you are heading out alone.