An ancient craft

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Green woodworking is a term for a number of wood crafts dating from pre-industrial times, where hand tools are used on unseasoned wood, working with its natural strength and properties.

Steve Ryan from Green Woodwork Ireland has been plying his trade in woodcraft for almost two decades, but has only recently taken up residency at Minnowburn.

His workshop plays host to his traditional profession, among the wood shavings the floor filled with authentic Pole Lathes and Shave Horses, the walls lined with the tools of his trade.

Here, he is giving members of the public a rare glimpse into what is one of our island's most ancient crafts and offering anyone keen enough the opportunity to get involved and create their very own piece of traditional woodwork.

Steve takes his students on a journey of discovery as they cut and carve their way through green wood, with links going back thousands of years into the past.

He shares his stories and reveals the connection between his trade and nature, a magical link that only heightens the sense of pleasure and achievement as the final form takes shape.