Community allotments at Minnowburn

Allotment at Minnowburn National Trust Northern Ireland

The land around Terrace Hill house has always been used to grow food. When the estate's farm buildings were used as Minnowburn Youth Farm in the 1980s and 90s, a garden and allotments existed behind what is now the Warden's office.

Community growth

Having disappeared into the surrounding field when the farm closed, in 2008 the site was fenced off and became allotments and a community garden once again. In line with the our vision and drive to encourage the public to grow their own food, the garden has attracted growers from across the local area and a thriving community has emerged.

Flourishing everyday

More recently, compost bins have been built, a polytunnel has been a welcome addition for growing more exotic vegetables, while a new gazebo for the garden has been designed and built by one of our volunteers. A place to relax, work or socialise with like-minded gardeners, the garden has become the centre of life at Minnowburn.