Family fun this half term

Visitors exploring Barrington Court

You'll find wide open spaces to explore at Barrington Court; places to walk and play, history to discover and nature to get close to.

With winter on its way out, it is the perfect time to head out and celebrate the coming spring with the family. There's always something to glimpse and do at Barrington Court, especially as the season and the garden unfurls. 

Weave some magic

Willow is wonderfully robust and versatile material and with some expert guidance on 17 February (11.30am-2.45pm, £2 each), you can learn how to weave your very own willow heart or dreamcatcher to take home with you.

Follow the Ranger

Join our Ranger team on 19 February (11am-3pm, £2 each) for the half-term Ranger Day.  As well as den building activities, the Ranger team will be sharing their knowledge on how to start a campfire without matches and how to make popcorn over a campfire.

Remember to dress warmly and wear wellies, as it's likely to be muddy underfoot.

Allow your artistic side to flourish

If you head to the master woodcarver's studio between 16 and 24 February (11am-4pm, £3 each), you can choose from a variety of wooden shapes and paint it as you please. The decorations are all made from solid lime and tulip wood. 

Of course, there is lots of space to just run around and let off steam as well.  To recover from all the activity, the best place to head is the restaurant to try a slice golden syrup cake.