Estate walks

A refreshing walk with the whole family

There's more to Newark Park than just the house and garden. With over 700 acres, the estate is a great place to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a walk. All you need are your walking boots and a sense of adventure.

Please note: the orange route is currently closed due to essential tree felling. We will reopen it as soon as it is safe to do so. The pink and purple routes remains open.

Set on the Cotswold escarpment the Newark Park estate, with its uninterrupted views across the countryside and network of woodland trails, is the perfect place for walking.

There are three easy to follow way-marked trails around the estate. Wellies or walking boots are a must - they can be muddy, even on sunny days.

Woods are the perfect place to take your dog for a walk
Woods are the perfect place to take your dog for a walk
Woods are the perfect place to take your dog for a walk

Purple route

At nearly three miles, the purple route is the most challenging of the routes. It offers stunning views of the woods, Newark House and the beautiful Ozleworth valley. There are a steep slopes and slippery surfaces in the valley and along the grassland by the side of the woods.

At the top you can look back at where you've just walked and see the Ozleworth valley in all its glory.

There is often livestock on this route. Please follow the pink route if you would like to avoid livestock. 

Suitable walking footwear is essential.

Pink route

For the adventurous walkers, the pink route takes you through the estate, following the original Georgian carriage drive around Lower Lodge Wood. At the furthest point, where the wood gives way to the grassy valley below, you can see a small overgrown field which we're hoping to return back to an orchard.

If you walk along the path a little further, you can see the remains of some old farm buildings, slowly being reclaimed by nature. Don't be tempted to leave the path and explore them further - they are very fragile.

This route has steep slopes and hard-standing gravel paths.

Orange route

Unfortunately the orange route has become very muddy over the winter and is currently not accessible. We're busy improving the track, and once complete, the orange route will be better able to withstand the worst of the winter weather.

Thank you for your patience

Ash dieback

We're doing all we can to manage ash dieback. Unfortunately that means felling trees at Newark. 
Please visit the Our Work section of our webpage to find out more.

The countryside code

Enjoy spending time outside at the coast and countryside places we care for? You can help us to keep them safe and enjoyable by observing a few simple guidelines during your visit and following the Countryside Code.

Learn more here

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