Nymans garden highlights in June

Summer borders at the height of summer

Nymans is a garden known for its vibrant, flamboyant mixture of flowers from outstanding displays of bulbs and annuals, to trees and shrubs in flower around every nook and cranny.

The Messels lived at Nymans predominately in the spring and summer months, spending the winter at their home in London. The gardens were planted for summer and spring interest, when the family were in residence. 

The summer borders in full flower
The summer borders in full flower

Summer borders

One of the highlights of the season are Nymans dramatic summer borders which have been around since the Edwardian period. They're still as flamboyant and colourful today as they were when first created with the focal point being the beautiful Verona marble fountain.

The summer borders are a mix of herbaceous perennials which tier down to a double row of annuals. We use fillers such dahlias, cannas and sunflowers and plant around 5,000 annuals into the front of the border at the end of May each year. These are all grown in the Nursery at Nymans.

The summer borders in July
The summer borders in July

Planting schemes

The colour scheme for the blocks of annuals change every year and every effort is taken to make sure the colours do not clash and the structure of grasses and perennials stay the same each year.  This year sees some exciting plants such as Coreopsis 'Early Sunrise', Coleus 'Chocolate Mint', Sunflower 'Munchkin', Zinnia profusion 'Cherry' and Calendula 'Indian Prince'.

The border will flower well into October, but they reach a climax of dazzling colour and beauty in July and August. The plants you might expect to see in flower are a mixture of heleniums, rubeckias, veronicastrum, cosmos, salvias and a mixture of the above annuals.

Cirsium Rivalare 'Antropurpureum'
Flowering herbaceous borders

June borders

Before the summer borders dazzle with colour and scale you'll be wowed by the June borders, planted and designed in the 1960s by the Countess of Rosse and renowned gardener, Graham Stewart Thomas. They peak in June but can still be found flowering throughout the summer. The border is a mix of herbaceous plants, such as Euphorbia 'Excalibur', Geranium 'orion' and Cirsium rivalare 'Atropurpureum' and summer flowering shrubs, Staphylea holocarpa 'Rosea' and Deutzia longifolia 'Veitchii'. 

In late summer the South African border is still full of colour
Nymans South African meadow in August

Australasian dry garden 

We've been experimenting and trying out new planting combinations over the past few years with the South African border (pictured) and, this year, an exciting new Australasian Dry Garden using plants from Australia, Tasmanian and New Zealand. You'll find weird looking plants such as Pseudopanax ferox, Hakea laurina, Banksia robar and the fun looking Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos flavidus) growing next to the neon yellow foliage of Sedum ‘Golden Mound’.In late summer the South African border is still full of colour.