Oakhurst Cottage and garden is a gem to explore

Oakhust Cottage in Hambledon, Surrey

Here are a few of the highlights you'll come across on your guided tour of Oakhurst Cottage. It's a rare glimpse into village life from many hundreds of years ago.

From anonymous to remarkable

Until the start of the last century this cottage was anonymous in all but name. It represented a type of building and way of life which had changed very little for generations, and few in rural Surrey would have paid it any attention at all. Today the cottage provides a rare glimpse into a bygone era.

Oakhurst garden - a work in progress

Over the past few years we've been working to restore the small garden to its former glory in the traditional style. You'll see a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, along with annuals like sunflowers, which we planted to reflect contemporary paintings of the cottage such as those by Helen Allingham.

The tools of daily life

You can see a collection of old working men's tools in the small barn at the edge of the garden, adjacent to the privy. This outhouse was used right up until the end of the cottage's life, helping keep Hambledon's last nightsoil man in work until 1994.

Don't miss historic Hambledon

After your tour is over, why not pay a visit to the small, historic village of Hambledon? We help maintain the village, and a group of staff and volunteers often join residents for their annual maintenance of common areas.