Changing Places Exhibition at Osterley Park and House

The East front with the 'transparent' portico at Osterley, Middlesex

Changing Places is an exhibition of artists' video, curated by Film and Video Umbrella. It links the industrial transformations occurring across South Asia with buildings of historic significance in Britain. 

Changes Places at Osterley Park and House

Osterley Park and House is one of ten venues on this nationwide tour, with the exibition open to the public until 23 February 2018. The exhibition will host two video works by Bani Abidi and Desire Machine Collective, alongside a new commission by Imran Channa. The works draw parallels between transformations across England and South Asia as a result of industry, inviting us to think about how moments of boom and decline and constant change have shaped communities, created monumental buildings, and altered our ways of thinking about consumption and labour.

The Exhibits

Desire Machine Collective’s large-scale video projection 'Residue' presents the crumbling, forgotten, monumental space of a former power station.  While Osterley Park and House has endured varying states of disrepair, renovation and transformation, 'Residue’s placement in this context invites the audience to reflect on the value placed on heritage and the drive for preservation.  

'Funland', by Bani Abidi, connects the parallel yet linked trajectories of Osterley Park and House and Karachi in Pakistan. Karachi’s colonial buildings, the historic development of its harbour and the subsequent implementation of new political structures are all evidence of the location’s strategic importance to the British Empire. The city’s links to Osterley Park and House come via the Childs Family, a wealthy family who owned the House and sat on the board of governors of The East India Company.

Abidi’s work highlights the tensions arising from Karachi’s contemporary and rapid progress. By juxtaposing construction and destruction, the artist shows how conflict and friction are located alongside the desire for construction and development.  The single figure of a man staring out to sea underlines how, in a city of millions, the impact of change is felt on a personal level.

Osterley Park and House will host the exhibition until 23 February 2018.


A Film and Video Umbrella touring exhibition, supported by Arts Council England, Canal & River Trust, National Trust, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Super Slow Way, Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, Phoenix Leicester, Feltech, Links Signs and Heritage Lottery Fund. Curated by Mariam Zulfiqar.