Discover the snowdrops at Osterley Park and House

Snowdrops in front of the Garden House at Osterley

In the cold of winter there’s still life in the gardens of Osterley Park and House. With our winter garden designed to showcase winter's beauty, and snowdrops scattered around there's plenty to see on your winter walk.

At Osterley Park and House we have three main types of winter flowers which can be found in our winter garden; Clematis cirrhosa ‘Jingle Bells’, Iris reticulata ‘George’, and of course, snowdrops. This garden has been developed over the last few years to showcase the best that the winter season has to offer, and is a tranquil corner on a cold winter’s day.

Clematis Cirrhosa ‘Jingle Bells’ in the garden at Osterley

As you walk around the garden you will come across snowdrops near the temple of Pan, hidden behind the garden house, in our flower picking garden, and around the long walk. Dogs are welcomed in our gardens throughout the winter months, so bring your four-legged friend and enjoy a brisk walk along snowdrop-edged paths.

Osterley Park and House
Crisp, sunny days are perfect for a winter walk in the gardens at Osterley
Osterley Park and House

All of these snowdrops have been planted by the gardeners over the last 11 years and they were originally from 2 clumps that our Head Gardener dug up from the back of the great meadow. Over the years these have bulked up extremely well and we have been able to split them up and move them every couple of years . This means that the original 2 clumps have now become thousands throughout the Garden. We do this after flowering and when they are said to be in ‘the green’ which is the most successful time. This is a very inexpensive way of bulking up your bulb collection.

Iris Reticulata 'George'
Purple Iris reticulata
Iris Reticulata 'George'

After your walk pop into our café for a warming drink and some seasonal food. While you’re there why not take advantage of the free wifi and share your snowdrop pictures with us on social media, using #OsterleySnowdrops. Find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.