Osterley Pathway Improvement Project

Map of improved pathways at Osterley Park

We love being outdoors. This is why this spring we started work to upgrade existing paths across Osterley's estate to make this special place even better and so we can enjoy it throughout the year. 

With paths upgraded to multi-use surfaces, we hope to enrich this experience and encourage more local families to get outdoors and active in a safe, traffic-free, green space. This is part of a £4.25 million national joint programme at ten National Trust properties in England, in partnership with Sport England and a generous £150,000 grant from The London Marathon Charitable Trust. 

Latest posts

24 Mar 17

Week 8 - Cycling Skills area

Work begins on the cycling skills area in the woodland near to the car park. A single track path is laid out, and sculpted corners created to create a flowing trail to help develop cycling skills and confidence.

The cycling skills area starts to take shape

17 Mar 17

Week 7 - Nine Acre field

The path across Nine Acre has now been started as the contractors look to set out the curves and bends of the new cycle path. One way, single track, this new 500m Nine Acre Trail will take you through the field allowing you to develop your cycle skills whilst exploring a new part of the estate.

Work begins on the new Nine Acre Trail

10 Mar 17

Week 6 - Main Drive footpath

Work continues on the Main Drive footpath, widening it and starting with a base layer. It is hoped the path will be finished in time for the upcoming Easter holidays. Other paths around the estate continue to be worked on, with the contractors making good progress.

The Main Drive footpath is widened and the base is laid