Silent Spaces at Peckover

Peckover House

Silent Space is a not-for-profit project that the Peckover Team is pleased to work with.

In our increasingly technology driven lives it can be refreshing to switch off from today’s noisy world.

For a few hours, 11am-1pm, on a Monday (on normal opening days) we will designate the Wilderness Walk as our Silent Space. Follow a secret path bordered by mature trees, shrubs and perennial plants and enjoy the songs of the many birds that frequent the garden.

We join several other gardens around the country in providing our visitors with an area where you can switch off your devices and enjoy being silent. 

As followers of the Quaker Faith quiet contemplation was an essential part of the Peckovers life, so working with the Silent Space project fits well with our Spirit of Place.  We invite you to join the Peckover ethos of quiet contemplation as you wander along the Wilderness Walk enjoying the many different plants growing in this area. 

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