The Gardens at Peckover House

Behind our Georgian Mansion lies a garden that has remained largely unchanged since its Victorian heyday. For over 150 years the Peckover family's love of diverse plants enabled them to nurture the garden as a showpiece for a wide range of horticultural styles. This tradition is continued today by the garden team.

The Roses at Peckover 

 Peckover boasts several varieties of rose growing in the garden. Many have been growing in the garden for many years and still create a beautiful display around June and July.  We are lucky to have many varieties that repeat flower, some are still in bloom during late Autumn. Our Roses are grown as shrubs, wall climbers and on obelisks making them accessible to enjoy their fabulous scent. You’ll be hard pushed to decide on your favourite. 

One large pink rose with two smaller pink roses either side. A white summer house is showing in the background.

The Orangery 

Our Orangery houses three orange trees reputed to be over 300 years old and has a seasonal plant collection making up a delectable display. 
An orange tree frames the view of an orangery glass house. Flowers of yellow, orange, purple, red and white line the sides in pots.

The Orchard Lawn 

Fruit trees grow on our Orchard lawn, an area known to have been similarly used by the Peckover family. Our collection of fruit showcases the interest the Peckover family had in the growing of fruit. As Quakers they sent gifts of home-grown fruit along with their letters to family, friends and business aquaintences. Today the ruit is available to staff, volunteers and visitors. 
Two blush coloured pears hang from a tree.

Our Herbaceous Borders

Several of our borders are full of herbaceous plants that provide a luxuriant feast for the eyes.

Flower bed of red, orange and purple flowers.
A man and a woman walking through a green garden, they look towards a bed of red flowers growing.