The Peckovers as Travellers and Artists

Successive generations of the Peckover and Penrose family were prolific amateur and, in some cases, professional artists.

Lord Peckover travelled extensively, and his collections acquired in Egypt were donated to the Wisbech and Fenland Museum, where they still form the basis of their Egyptian collections today.

His daughter, Alexandrina, was an adventurous explorer and sportswoman, who climbed the Alps at a time when most Victorian women were not expected to do anything so strenuous.

Lord Peckover's eldest daughter, Elizabeth Josephine, married James Doyle Penrose, a talented artsit and fellow Quaker. Their son, Roland Penrose, studied art in Paris in the 1920's where he joined the Surrealists.

After World War II, Roland co-founded the Institute of Contemprary Arts and was instrumental in intorducing British audiences to the work of his friend, Pablo Picasso.

Roland married Lee Miller, a prominant war time photogrpher for Vogue magazine and artist and his children and grandchildren still carry on his legacy today. 

A selection of the Peckovers artwork, produced whilst on their travels, is displayed in the slideshow above.