The history of Peckover

The Peckover's were a family of wealthy Quaker bankers, with a love of art.

Lord Peckover and his daughters Alexandrina and Anna Jane on the steps at the rear of Bank House

The family that called Peckover home 

In 1777 Jonathan Peckover moved to Wisbech and established a small grocer's business. Respected for his strong moral principles, honesty and decency, he soon began holding his customers' money for safe-keeping.

Interests and beliefs

Peckover House

Wisbech's first bank 

Did you know Peckover House was once called Bank House? The Wisbech and Lincolnshire Bank was Wisbech's first official bank and thrived under the Peckover family's management.

Old Market Place Wisbech c1910

The history of Wisbech 

During the late 18th and throughout the 19th century, Wisbech was a prosperous merchants town, with a busy port. Discover more about this extraordinary Georgian town, as the Peckover's would have experienced it.

Peckover House and Garden

Coming into the care of the National Trust  

Peckover House and Garden was gifted to the National Trust by Alexandrina Peckover in 1943 and we've been welcoming visitors here since 1949.