A new generation of barn owls at Penrose

Young barn owl (mother) ringed at Penrose

In February 2018, NT Rangers at Penrose installed a new nest box in an old stone barn to encourage barn owls. The work was in partnership with the Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society, and Paradise Park, as part of the Barn Owls in Cornwall project.

In May this year, NT Ranger Calum Mcintosh re-visited the site with local licensed bird ringer Mark Grantham, Chair of the CBWPS, to check for any signs of success. The results were encouraging, a female barn owl was discovered sitting on 5 eggs.

This July, a return visit from Calum and Mark discovered that three chicks had hatched and two had gone on to survive, one male one female, the female can be easily identified by her brown collar and slightly browner plumage. It was also discovered that the mother was a bird that had fledged the year before from another local National Trust owl box site.

The new chicks were ringed by Mark so that they can continue to be monitored, like their mother, and are likely to fledge in the next couple of weeks. 

" It's great news that barn owls are doing well thanks to this new nest box, and it builds on the work we have been doing providing nest boxes at Penrose for over 20 years. Working in partnership has been a crucial part of this work and we are really grateful to everyone in the Barn Owls in Cornwall project for their support."
- Calum McIntosh

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