Get fit with nature this new year

Getting fit at Penrose on the outdoor gym

Want to get fit this year but don’t want to be stuck inside a gym? Find out how you can train at some of our places with nature as your gym buddy.

Run RED this January:

Turn the January blues RED with run every day January this new year. There is no doubt that exercise is excellent for your body but it is also great for your mind, getting out into the fresh air can make a really positive difference to your mental health. That’s why this year we are supporting Run Every Day January, for more information click here.

Joggers in the woods at Penrose
Joggers enjoying one of the many running routes on offer

We’ve got a variety of trail routes to help you get out there, if you’re a first time runner why not try one of these walks to get you started at Penrose, or if you’re looking for a new challenging run why not download one of these routes on the Lizard? Alternatively, if you are looking for a group of people to run with, why not join one of the weekly Park Run events at Penrose? Find out how here

The outdoor gym at Penrose:

If you want to mix your walking and running with a bit of gym work why not head out to Penrose and try out the outdoor gym. There are various apparatus to try out including a sit up plank and a pull up bar all hidden in the woods on the west side of Loe Pool throughout the Bar Walk plantation. For information on where to find the gym download one of the property maps here.

The pull-up bar at the Penrose outdoor gym has a great view
The pull up bar at Penrose

Cycling at Penrose:

Get a new bike for Christmas and looking for some new challenging route? Find out more about some of the routes on offer at Penrose here, theres a variety to choose from for all abilities. 

Cycling at Penrose
Penrose cycling