Plans to help wildlife at Plymbridge Woods

The River Plym, Devon

Plans are underway towards creating a healthy, beautiful, natural environment for wildlife and people, whilst also preserving this woodland for ever.

Plymbridge is a young woodland which was planted 110 years ago.  It is made up of compartments of trees of a single species. This is perfect if you are trying to grow trees as a crop for production of timber but not ideal for nature. So our plan is to reinstate the healthy, beautiful, natural woodland that would have been here before the planting.

Planted woodlands need regular ‘thinning’ to ensure there is enough space to enable light to reach the woodland floor so that shrubs and flowers can grow. Here at Plymbridge there has not been enough thinning over the years and light levels have dramatically reduced. This has resulted in a reduction of many of the species we would expect to find in a woodland of this type, including bluebells, wild garlic, red campion and speedwell to name but a few. 

The Ranger team here are working to return Plymbridge to a more natural state with a patchwork of trees of different ages and species, woodland glades, coppice and rides. This varied woodland structure will provide habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna which, given time, will flourish. 

Cann Viaduct, Plymbridge Woods, Devon
Cann Viaduct, Plymbridge Woods, Devon
Cann Viaduct, Plymbridge Woods, Devon


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