Adrienne Mortimer

University of Leeds

Adrienne Mortimer - University of Leeds

I research narrative representations of illiteracy and the illiterate subject from early nineteenth century to contemporary literature and culture. My research focuses on the connections between narrative and the formation of socio-sexual identities. I have ongoing interests in queer and gender theory, on which I draw in order to probe the relations between narrative, identity, and ‘queer’ history and heritage. I am a contributor to the Trusted Source project.

The 17th century barn theatre at Smallhythe Place

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The entrance to Smallhythe Place, Kent

Why does LGBTQ heritage matter?

LGBTQ heritage is everywhere. Yet stories about Britain’s national and cultural heritage tend to reflect a ‘heterosexual past’; ‘queer’ history and heritage has been blighted by criminal persecution and moral condemnation of gender and sexual nonconformity.

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