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University of Oxford

Ceri Hunter - University of Oxford

I teach Victorian and Modern Literature at the University of Oxford. My research centres on nineteenth century literature and culture, and I am especially interested in the representation of family life. I have studied History and English Literature and enjoy thinking about the connections between the two disciplines. I am a contributor to the Trusted Source project.

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The view across the garden to Hardy's Cottage, the birthplace in 1840 of novelist and poet Thomas Hardy

Where is Thomas Hardy's Wessex?

Thomas Hardy is famous for his novels of nineteenth century rural life. Rich in description and dialect, they are written museums of a vanished culture. Hardy set them in Wessex, an imaginary region mapped onto the geography of south and south-west England.

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A Chelsea Interior by Robert Tait, 1857

Who was Jane Carlyle?

Celebrity couples are nothing new. Victorian literary luminaries clustered at the home of writer Thomas Carlyle and his wife, but there was more to the woman known as Mrs Carlyle than her husband.

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A painting by James Archer at Carlyles House

Who was Thomas Carlyle?

When Thomas Carlyle turned eighty in 1875, he received a birthday tribute from over one hundred eminent Victorians. Philosopher, historian, biographer, translator, novelist and essayist, he was hailed as the voice of the age.

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