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University of Oxford

Oliver Cox - University of Oxford

I am Heritage Engagement Fellow at the University of Oxford. I created and manage the Thames Valley Country House Partnership, a collaborative project between Oxford's Humanities Division, the region's historic houses, and the Higher Education Innovation Fund. I am a historian by training, and have published widely on Gothic Revival architecture, landscape gardening and patriotism. I am a contributor to the Trusted Source project.

Melford Hall from an etching c1825

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A wide open valley, with a Grecian temple with large coloums stands at the tip, surrounded by trees and under a purple atmospheric sky in autumn

Why was Lancelot 'Capability' Brown so important?

Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown is Britain’s most famous landscape designer, who codified the English landscape style and worked at over 250 sites, for a client list that included the majority of the House of Lords. Brown learnt his trade experimenting at Stowe, making his mark on the landscape before moving on to transform the the English countryside and many aristocratic estates.

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Stowe Landscape Gardens

What is patriotism?

Patriotism is a love of homeland. It was a virtue celebrated by the ancient Greeks and Romans and had a big impact on English art and design.

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