Finding peace volunteering in Coughton's gardens

Volunteer gardener, Coughton

Pippa Brook - Volunteer gardener

Pippa Brook reveals how volunteering in the gardens of Coughton Court, Warwickshire, has helped her since the death of her father.

Gardens at Coughton Court
'I was brought up on a farm with a large garden and so the idea of working in the Coughton gardens was very attractive to me.
'I lost my father recently. He was a passionate gardener and loved being outside; something I had always shared with him. He was my mentor in life - and in the garden. I was struggling with my grief when I saw the advert for the role. It was an answer to my prayers.
'I feel close to my father when I am outside, gardening.
'It also appealed as my job is very stressful and one day a week I can forget it all. The walled garden makes me feel very peaceful. I also love working in the vegetable garden, again probably because that was the bit my dad loved.
'I started working here last July, and have certainly had a varied few months. I have done so many tasks; weeding, cutting back, pruning, pricking out, potting up, digging, and even herding the sheep on one occasion. The people I have met have made my time here very special. The comradeship is great and I am learning a tremendous amount as I go along.
'Sam, who manages the gardeners, has a great team and I feel very privileged to be able to work in such beautiful surroundings.'