Issac Newton's former home receives a special donation

Conservation Manager, Woolsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire

Margaret Winn - Conservation Manager, Woolsthorpe Manor
Woolsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire
It was a busy summer day at Woolsthorpe Manor two years ago when a visitor brought in a carrier bag containing two old books. She was bequeathing them to the Trust at her late father’s request. The two old books turned out to be very special: two volumes of the first English translation by Andrew Motte of Isaac Newton’s great work Principia Mathematica, dated 1729. 
The Principia is a collection of Newton’s work carried out during his ‘Year of Wonders’ (1665/66) – when he returned to Woolsthorpe to escape the plague in Cambridge. Motte’s edition meant that more people could read Newton’s ideas.  
Thanks to a donation from a local Trust group, the Grantham Association, we’ve been able to have the two volumes restored. They are now on display at Woolsthorpe, with a third edition Principia (in Latin), dated 1726, to mark our celebrations of the 350th anniversary of the ‘Year of Wonders’.