Jo Hodgkins

Wildlife and Countryside Advisor, London and South East

Jo Hodgkins - Wildlife and Countryside Advisor

Jo Hodgkins has always loved nature and spends her time advising and training our people about all aspects of looking after it in London and the South East region.

Wildlife adviser Jo Hodgkins with a Bechstein's bat

Jo is our nature champion. She joined the National Trust in 2001 and has been advising on the wildlife management of the land we look after in London and the South East since 2003. 

Her specialist advice is invaluable to rangers, gardeners and building surveyors who have a job to do, but want to make sure that their work doesn't impact on the wildlife habitats we look after. 

Bats hold a special place in Jo's heart. Ever since she saw a lonely Egyptian fruit bat trapped in a cage in a pet shop as a child, she's been intrigued by these fascinating mammals.

She actually spent her maternity leave tracking Bechstein's bats around Buckinghamshire with her baby strapped to her front. How's that for dedication?

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