Josh Day

Ranger, North Devon

Josh Day - Ranger

There are few people who appreciate nature’s power like Josh Day. As a ranger on the North Devon coast, he battles wind and wave to safeguard the area’s rugged beauty. Which just so happens to be the subject of his other passion: photography.

Josh Day National Trust Ranger and Panasonic Photography Ambassador

What’s special about the place you look after?

So many things make the North Devon coastline special: the dramatic headlands, the sandy beaches and hidden coves, the meadows, heath and woodland, all threaded together by the South West Coast Path. But first and foremost it’s my home and, for me, that’s what makes it truly special.

When did you take up photography?

I really took to it when I was 14, photographing my friends surfing, skateboarding and coasteering. That led to my passion for landscape photography – and for the landscape itself.

How do you combine working as a ranger and photographer?

As a ranger, I have a close relationship with nature, the landscape and its management. Trundling about in the tractor, I often notice new compositions of familiar views or find myself in the right place to capture a dramatic scene. Hopefully my photos inspire other people to get out and discover new things in their surroundings too.

What’s your favourite thing to photograph?

For me, the most important aspect of a place is how you feel as you walk through it. From a headland stretching out into the crashing waves to flowers growing among fine grass, every detail contributes to the spirit of a place. My favourite way to share that feeling is to bring all those details together in one harmonious landscape photo.

What are your future plans?

Our natural habitats and ecosystems give us so much. From pollination and water management to recreational space and beautiful scenes, everything stems from a healthy and diverse natural environment. I want to use my skills as a ranger and photographer to help restore sustainable diversity to the local landscape.