Kieran Hazzard

King's College London

Kieran Hazzard - King's College London

I am a historian specialising in the early nineteenth century, principally Britain’s relationship with India. My work focuses on the political culture and philosophy of Imperialism. My wider interests include British reactions to Revolutionary and Napoleonic France and social conditions during the Industrial Revolution. I am a contributor to the Trusted Source project.

Tipu sultan's tent at Powis Castle and Garden, Powys, Wales

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A view of the Clive Museum and Tipu Sultan's palanquin at Powis Castle and Garden, Powys, Wales.

What was the East India Company?

The East India Company was probably the most powerful corporation in history. At its height, it dominated global trade between Europe, South Asia and the Far East, and conquered and colonised modern day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma.

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