Living with the Trust


Andrew Warn - Photographer

Huw Davies is a third generation farmer living and working on the National Trust's Dolaucothi estate in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Dolaucothi Farmhouse on the Estate, seen in the morning, Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire

What made you want to live in a National Trust House? 

We are the third generation of farmers to live in our 280 acre farm on the Dolaucothi estate. The family first moved into the farm in 1947 and myself and my wife have been tenants since 1987.

What is your house like to live in?

Our house is a traditional stone building within a traditional farm setting. We have several buildings – both traditional and modern to enable us to run a successful farming operation. We have sheds for our sheep and cow herds, silage pit and a covered slurry pit. We've built the modern buildings in collaboration with the Trust and it maintains our buildings as per our tenancy agreement.

How do you find the National Trust as a Landlord?

We have a good relationship with the Trust – as do all of the tenants on the Dolaucothi Estate. Of course there are sometimes tensions around the commercial arrangements, for example, when it comes to rent review time which is all normal business practice, but otherwise we have no issues at all.
We are very fortunate to have the Trust as our Landlords and have a very healthy relationship.

Do you get involved with the local Trust property?

Yes, we're very much part of the community on the Estate and get fully involved with everything that’s going on.

What are your neighbours like?

We get on well with all our neighbours. In 2003 we got together with seven National Trust tenant farmers on the Estate to market our own lamb with help from processor, Dunbia. We now sell 3,000 lambs every year for meat which is sold exclusively through Sainsbury’s in Wales and in supermarkets along England’s M4 corridor.